Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How is our learning organised?

How is learning organised in the Taeotu Learning Centre?

Every week, students receive a weekly timetable in their "Planning" folders on their Google Drive. As well as being a timetable, this document has links to Numeracy (Maths) tasks, Literacy (Reading and Writing) tasks and reflections. Students have access to this information wherever they have access to their Google Drives and can work on tasks wherever and whenever they are online.

Here is an example of the Weekly Timetable:

Students have regular weekly tasks to complete and are also in Maths and Literacy groups where they have workshops, and additional tasks, tailored even more specifically to their needs. 

Literacy planning example:

In just two short weeks, it has been great to see students become confident with the new planning style and competent in navigating their way around it.

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